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The Basics of Crypto (Learn + Apply) đŸ€© đŸ”„

This program will teach you about crypto, how to use the Binance DEX and Spot and Futures Wallet with a hands-on training of risk analysis.

Best Seller
9.7 (3000) ratings
2 hours on-demand video
Entry to VIP Community
Weekly Live Sessions
Certificate of Completion
20 Classes

A to Z of Blockchain & Web3.0

World’s first detailed course explaining every terminology of Blockchain and Web3.0.

Best Seller
9.7 (3000) ratings
21 Hours on-demand video
Full Lifetime access
Community Access
Certificate of Completion
20 Classes

Crypto Advanced Training(CAT)  Program

India's 1st and most trusted crypto program to become an expert with the live training to put in parctise what is learnt.

Best Seller
9.7 (3000) ratings
21 Hours on-demand video
Full Lifetime access
Community Access
Certificate of Completion
20 Classes

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So, I started from 0 and didn't know ABC of what trading was, What was blockchain, tech & all and I got to know a lot when kanha sir taught in class and I made binance wallet for the first time.


I've always felt a little sad about how much I knew about Web3, but after taking the Kryptopro course, I'm ready to work as a marketer for high-paying niches in new domains like Web3.


I'm from a small village of Haryana, but geography is no barrier here. Kryptopro has changed my life by making learning crypto simple and easy through its Hindi + English approach in LIVE training sessions.

Hemanth Sriteja

Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement, and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.

- Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Shrey Amana

Yes Day by Day Confidence is Increasing Towards Self Trading. I Love Class Atmosphere it's so familiar. I think there is no lack in this course. I'm proud of myself that I joined with you guys for training, one of the best decisions of my life. And I'm glad that you all proved yourself best to us. Happy To Be Member Of CAT Batch 1 GOD Bless You All ❀

Korra Suresh

When I took my admission to this program I was looking for perfect knowledge and trader psychology and the moment I knew I was gonna be taught by a 6-years experienced trader my excitement was out of the world. I was never more excited about something and here after 15 classes the amount of knowledge gained is something else

Darren D_Souza

Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.
- Leon Louw, Nobel Prize

We are enrolling for CAT BATCH -3

We are enrolling for CAT BATCH -3

We are enrolling for CAT BATCH -3

We are enrolling for CAT BATCH -3

We are enrolling for CAT BATCH -3

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If you have any questions about the programs, you can get in touch with our Support Team, anytime.

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